Friday, November 23, 2018

Division Retirement Presentation to Maj Gen Mike Maffei

As many of you already know, our Commanding Officer, Brigadier General Michael Maffei retired at the end of this season and we held a formal Change of Command at Hale Farm where he relinquished command of Birney's Division to Brigadier General Paul Baltzer. This past weekend in Gettysburg, we were able to honor General Maffei with some presentations including a formal promotion to Major General and culminating in the presentation of a shadowbox containing his General's flag and his promotion citation/shoulder boards. This presentation was made possible because of the generous donations made by the men and women of Birney's Division. On behalf of The entire Birney's command, Gen Baltzer would like to thank each and every one of you for you generosity as well as the important contribution each of you make to this division to keep us the classiest and most honorable organization in reenacting today. THANK YOU!!!

Additionally, General Maffei has asked us to pass on the following message to the division:
Message from the General: 11/20/18

This message is to thank all the members from Birney’s Division for allowing me the honor and privilege of being your Commanding Officer for so many years. It became official last Saturday at the completion of the annual Remembrance Day Parade, as I turned over command to Brig. Gen. Paul Baltzer, I am retired.

It was time for me to step aside and give another very deserving officer the opportunity to command our outstanding organization. I have been extremely fortunate to have made so many wonderful friends and to work with our former commander and co-founder the late Maj. Gen. Ed Kelley and all our staff.

Saturday evening the staff our ladies and I attended a dinner with the officers of the Army of the Potomac, something we have done for many years. This year was somewhat of a different experience for me with the recognition and thanks I received from all who attended. Gen Baltzer stood and gave a brief rundown of my reenacting career and the co-founding of Birney’s Division to all those in attendance. Then a large framed object was carried onto the floor, I was almost at a loss for words when I was awarded my Generals Flag encased in glass and a promotion presented by Maj. Gen. Withrow, our staff and the members of Birney’s Division to that of a Major General.

I received several additional handmade awards from our staff and Gen. Withrow. However what brought me almost to tears was when Col Bouwhuis informed me that the flag and Maj. Gen. awards were paid for through donations form the staff and members of our division. What a complement to be recognized by my friends for a job well done.

To all I must say Thank You for your generosity, dedication to Birney’s Division and most of all your friendship. I will forever remember my wonderful retirement dinner and all the members of our organization and all the experiences we shared. I will continue to be of service to our division and Gen Baltzer in any way I can.

Major General Michael D. Maffei (retired)

Thank you again for all you do and we wish you a safe and warm winter's quarters and look forward to seeing you all soon again next Spring.
Col R. Bouwhuis
1st Battalion

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