Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maryland, My Maryland registration update

From Birney's Division, 2d Battalion Headquarters:

September may seem like a long way off, but the Antietam 150th anniversary will be here before you know it!

Maryland, My Maryland (the 150th battles of Antietam and South Mountain) will be September 8-9, 2012. If your unit plans to attend this event, please register as soon as possible. The event is limiting the numbers to 4000!

Col. Christopher Smith and staff from Birney's Division will be providing leadership for our members at this event. MAKE SURE to list "Birney's Division" under "Organization Affiliation" on the registration. You can register online at the following link:


As you know, there is a different Antietam event the following weekend. Other members of Birney's Division will be attending this event. MAKE SURE you know which Antietam your unit is attending!!! For the most part (but not exclusively), if you are a Birney's 2d Battalion unit, you are attending Maryland, My Maryland September 8-9.

For those of you attending the other Antietam event on September 14-16, Capt. Murphy will be posting registration information on the Division News page as well.

Let's have a great showing at Maryland, My Maryland! Here is the registration link again:

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