Friday, December 22, 2017

General Palese

We are sad to announce that General Ron Palese passed away yesterday. General Palese has been a fixture in the Civil War reenacting community and will be missed by all those whose lives he touched.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

An update on 2018 events

Dear Valued Members of the Division,

I would like to begin by offering you my warmest greetings and wishing a Happy Holidays to the Officers, NCO’s, soldiers and civilians of Birney’s Division. I hope that everyone is comfortable in their winter quarters. This time, for many of us, is to break bread with friends and family, get our kits refitted and updated for next year. This is also a time to reflect on the year’s events and reflect on the many special moments and fellowship enjoyed while in camp and on the field. Many units are beginning to hold their unit meetings. More importantly, the reason for this correspondence, it’s time to begin looking to the event schedule for 2018.

The leadership of the Division plans on using the same method to develop our 2018 schedule as was done last year. Your unit’s input is crucial to ensuring that the Divisional staff is aware of what events (battle reenactments) your unit plans to attend. From this input, the Divisional Staff will establish the schedule and determine, by a majority of those Divisional Units attending, which and at what level the Birney’s staff will support those events. This method allows the schedule to be built from the events our members want, as opposed to the Division dictating the schedule. Please ensure that your unit leadership participates in the building of our 2018 Divisional schedule.
Shortly, the staff will be publishing the spreadsheet on our website and Face book. Keep checking from time to time to see the updated spreadsheet and what the other unit’s are doing. Again, the events on the spreadsheet ARE NOT the 2018 Divisional schedule, but merely those events that are out there to attend; and will be used, as said above, to determine at the annual meeting our 2018 schedule. Your unit leadership needs to provide the Divisional staff with your schedule so that this spreadsheet is an accurate representation of what you plan on supporting.

Two events of focus that we very much need your unit’s support and attendance are Old Bedford Village in Bedford, PA, June 8-10 and the 155th Gettysburg Reenactment in Gettysburg, PA, July 6-8. We realize that these two are further than you may usually travel. Old Bedford Village is an event that the Division is the overall command of and need a strong battalion(s) showing. The 155th Gettysburg is one of those special anniversary years and General Maffei has made efforts to cooperate with battalions of the West under the name of the GAR, Grand Army of the Republic. So we should not be lost in the mega-event routine of being overlooked or left behind. When registering for this event, indicate on the registration form Organization Affiliation put “GAR”. I hope you will seriously consider attending these two events, placing a priority to your fellow unit members that the Division is kindly asking for your attendance.

The events we are aware of for 2018 are listed below. Again, I must stress that these are not the 2018 schedule, but the known events that we are aware of. From these and the ones you may provide, we will develop the Birney’s Division schedule.

May 26-28 Painesville, OH (Would like to use this weekend as a camp of instruction)

June 8-10 Old Bedford Village, Bedford, PA

June Prelude to Gettysburg, near Cleveland, OH

July 6-8 155th Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA

August Hale Farm and Village, Bath, OH

September 8-10 Beaver Creek

October ?? Mesopotamia, OH (still waiting on details to be sure)

November 17-19 Remembrance Day, Gettysburg, PA

Also, there are plans for holding the Birney’s Division Annual Meeting in March near New Stanton, PA. It will be held at Hoss’ Steak and Seafood Restaurant. More details to come. We hope you will send a unit representative to provide your input.

Warmest Regards,
Paul Baltzer, Brigadier General
Executive Officer
Birney’s Division

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Union Reenactors Needed

December 16, 2017 (1 pm to 4 pm) - I am doing some initial coordinating of reenactors for a timeline event at the Western Reserve Historical Society's Cleveland History Center focused on the home front and the front lines. I am looking for a small group of Federal reenactors. Please reply to if your group is able to help. Also, for anyone who portrays civilians on the home front during any of these conflicts, please let me know as well. All participating reenactors will have an opportunity to tour the museum free of charge.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Division Post Assignments

As reenactors get ready to close out the 2017 season, Birney’s Division will be seeing some staff rotations. Colonel Neil Shivelle was selected and appointed to the role of Division Chief of Staff just before the conclusion of the 2016 season and has served in that position honorably for 2017 full-time. Col Shivelle will be undergoing some required surgery in early 2018 before the new season starts. Although no complications are expected and a full recovery anticipated, Division leadership would like to ensure Col Shivelle has enough time to fully recuperate without the worries of the administrative and field requirements of this position. All members of Birney’s Division wish Colonel Shivelle best wishes in his upcoming procedure and hope he makes a quick and full recovery and thank him for his countless hours of service to Birney’s Division as Chief of Staff.

On behalf of Birney’s Division Commanding General Michael Maffei, we are pleased to announce that General Baltzer has made his recommendation to General Maffei with regard to the new Chief of Staff appointment transitioning to the post effective immediately. Major Trent Boham has been selected and assigned to serve as the new Birney’s Division Chief of Staff with a promotion to the rank of Colonel. Trent has been active in Birney’s Division for many years and in a variety of capacities. As the dynamic and active organization of the Division as a whole has changed considerably over the past year, Trent is the right choice at this time to serve in this capacity in the best interests of the organization.

Congratulations to both Colonel Boham on his new position!