Monday, March 08, 2010

Division drill and tactical

This is just a reminder about the Birney's Division School of the Battalion and tactical in Perryopolis, PA on April 24-25. If your unit still needs to register, email Mike Murphy at and check out the Facebook Event Page at!/event.php?eid=179758132935

I want to stress that we hold our annual drill weekend not just to wear more leather off of the bottom of everyone's shoes. It is important that we blend our various units together to work as battalions so we are better able to perform in a cohesive and SAFE manner when on the field. TRAIN LIKE YOU FIGHT AND FIGHT LIKE YOU TRAIN!

I know none of us like to march and drill for hours on end, but safety in our hobby may dictate some day that if you don't show up for a drill weekend or at drill during an event, you won't be permitted to take the field. It is getting that serious folks.

In case you missed the info on the event, here it is again. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Chris Smith
2d Battalion

We will kick off the 2010 season with a Division event at Perryopolis the last weekend in April. This will be a no-cost event.

As in past years we are offering training for our members with a twist. This school will be on battle tactics and maneuvers and will focus on the practical application of this material. We encourage your whole unit to attend. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICER/NCO SCHOOL. It is for all reenactors.

We plan to run the schooling from morning to afternoon. After discussions and dinner, we will engage in a tactical so the participants can apply what was learned earlier. The Department of Northern Virginia will be there in force along with other Confederate units creating a target friendly environment for both sides. We will then resume with another tactical on Sunday morning early enough so everyone will be on the road before or around noon.

We encourage you all to attend and bring as many of your folks as you can to join in the fun and education.