Friday, June 27, 2014

New CEO named by Western Reserve Historical Society

Cleveland, OH — Kelly Falcone-Hall has been named Chief Executive Officer of Western Reserve Historical Society (WRHS). The announcement was made by Don Dailey, Chair of the Board of Trustees, at the June 25 board meeting. Falcone-Hall had been serving as Interim CEO of WRHS for six months.

“Kelly presents an unusual story in the world today. In her 19 years with WRHS, she has worked at every level, held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility, and continues to interact with staff in every department. She knows the ‘back room,’ the front of the house, the board room, and the community. She is the first in her family to graduate from college. Both her undergraduate and her Master’s Degree are from Cleveland State University, described as one of ‘America’s Best Colleges’ by US News & World Report,” said Dailey. “She is like many from Northeast Ohio in that her family has roots in other countries; her grandfather, Mario Falcone, was an Italian immigrant, and her mother’s ancestors were farmers descended from Ireland and England. Kelly’s interest in family history was one of the draws that first pulled her into the archives and all the stories that are held at WRHS.”

“Nonprofits are less likely to fill senior positions from within. It is more prevalent in for-profit businesses,” said Glenn Anderson, Jr., a partner at On Search Partners, an executive search firm, and the incoming Chair of the WRHS Board of Trustees. “But when the right candidate is within the organization, it is in the best interest of the institution to promote her, as our Board chose to do through a unanimous vote. WRHS has worked diligently and smartly over the recent past to develop a Strategic Plan, to create a solid financial footing, to make some excellent hires in critical positions, to boldly instill innovation and creativity into its decisions about exhibits, to secure new collection items—such as the Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel, and to work to change from a traditional museum culture to an organization that is visitor-centric. The institution is now well positioned to take a solid top-tier, top-of-mind rank in Northeast Ohio. The institutional knowledge needed at the helm during this vital next phase helped make Ms. Falcone-Hall the best candidate.”

Falcone-Hall is a resident of Westlake, Ohio. She joined WRHS in 1995 as a reference assistant and manuscript processer. She has served in positions of increasing responsibility at WRHS over the last 19 years, including Director of Interpretation at Hale Farm & Village, Vice President of Hale Farm & Village, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Chief Operating Officer, and Interim Chief Executive Officer, before being promoted to CEO.

At Hale Farm & Village, Falcone-Hall developed popular public programs, including the Holiday Lantern Tours and A Fugitive’s Path: Escape on the Underground Railroad. Her research and leadership deepened the living history museum’s interpretation of the early American crafts and trades, improved restoration of Hale Farm’s buildings and grounds, and guided the location’s mission and strategic initiatives. She developed the concept of InHale as an educational and experiential initiative to reconnect people to the world around them through sharing stories about the Hale family and providing a variety of experiences based on the life of an Ohioan in the 1800s. She is the author of Hale Farm & Village, a booklet about the history of the re-created village and living history museum in Bath Township, Ohio. Falcone-Hall was instrumental in bringing the 2013 national conference of the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums to Akron and Bath Township. The event drew international interest to Hale Farm & Village and Western Reserve Historical Society.

“I am humbled by this vote of confidence in my leadership and in the team at Western Reserve Historical Society,” said Kelly Falcone-Hall. “This is a phenomenal institution with a mission that is vital to preserving history. The future is very bright for us. All the pieces are in place to truly jump to the top of mind position for anyone looking to find out about any history in Northeast Ohio. I feel as if I have been preparing for this opportunity all my life.” Ms. Falcone-Hall is the 10th person to hold the most senior position at WRHS.

On behalf of Birney's Division, we congratulate Kelly and wish her much success.

Monday, June 09, 2014

First Call! Old Bedford Village

June 14-15, 2014
Old Bedford Village
Bedford, PA

This weekend will be the annual Birney's Division event at Old Bedford Village and I know everyone is excited to get out there and blow that dust off of the musket (or dry it out if you were at New Market).

At this time, we need all companies to let us know your numbers. Please send the following information ASAP!

1. Is your unit attending?
2. How many military personnel?
3. How many civilians?
4. How many and what type of tentage?

Email this information DIRECTLY to your Battalion Adjutant:

1st Battalion -
2nd Battalion -

ARTILLERY and CAVALRY, send your numbers directly to the Chief of Staff -

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Reenacting insurance information

Fellow Reenactors,

It is now coming up on that time of the year again when you must submit your member lists and payment for insurance coverage through the 2015 campaign year. The Reenactors insurance policy for Birney’s Division, through Lloyds of London is due to expire July of 2014. In order for us to renew in time with no break in service, we need to gather our information and funds as quickly as possible, for submission to the insurance carrier for coverage.

The requirements for coverage is that every individual who desires coverage must submit the $8.00 annual premium fee and be included on a list as paid when submitted for coverage by each individual company commander.

Members, who are not paid, will not be covered under this policy. Although this is a blanket policy and does cover those individuals who may be new to hobby or who were not on a company role before the renewal date. We can add those individuals during the season as necessary; however they will be covered under policy until added.

We are not in the insurance business and in no way do we want to force you to purchase this insurance. We do want you to understand, there is some misconception throughout the hobby about coverage and we would like to clear that up at this time. Many believe because this insurance is a blanket policy, you are covered by the policy even if you have not paid the $8.00 premium. This is not true. If a company has 20 members and only provides payment for 10 members, thinking the others will be covered under the blanket policy, is a total misunderstanding of how the policy works. In speaking with the insurance agent it was explained to me that coverage of individual reenactor is determined from the lists your companies submit and we are required to maintain. Our $8.00 premium per person is determined by the total number of members we submit, not by how many we might have.

We strongly recommend that each person military or civilian purchase the insurance. Our hobby can be dangerous even if you never venture on to the battlefield. Liability Insurance is essential to protect your and your families assets against losses that could occur due to a lawsuit resulting in injury where you are found responsible or negligent. This policy covers up to 1 million dollars of protection. For many events today you must provide proof of insurance to even take the field. The policy we have also provides for $350,000 of property damage in the event something gets burned or broken. The policy also contains a small accident/medical protection or personal injury component to members that is first dollar if you have NO personal medical insurance and backs up the plan you have if limits are met. Slips and falls in camps, miles of ropes and stakes between the tents, tripping into a fire pit or the ever present danger of the exhausting heat. One trip in an ambulance to an emergency room for treatment can cost in the thousands.

For the $8.00 per year, the coverage is great and you don’t need to submit claims with your personal (liability) insurance trying to get coverage while explaining when, how and why you need to be covered, if they would even cover it.


Company Represented:
Name of applicant: list each individual as a single
Total number to be insured:
Total of funds sent for insured:

List of events your company plans to attend or sponsor for the term of the policy, all events become Birney’s Division events to be properly insured.
Make checks or money orders payable to: Birney’s Division LLC

Mail checks to: Michael Maffei
1951 Hertford Dr.
South Park, PA 15129