Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More guns!

It pleases me to inform you all that the 4th US Light Artillery has joined Birney's Division and is commanded by Col Bob Baily. The 4th US Lt. has 9 guns. We have worked together with great success at Sailors Creek and Louden Heights last season. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Your Servant,
General Kelley

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Shenandoah Valley Alliance

We are closely associated with the fastest growing Confederate organization in reenacting today. We mutually attend and support selected events to enhance the equality of opposing forces to produce a better reenactment. Our pards in PACS are commanded by...

Brigadier General Greg Bair - Brigade Commander

Chief of Staff - Colonel Brian Gesuaro

1st Regiment - OPEN AT PRESENT

2nd Regiment - Colonel Dave Reitz

3rd Regiment/DNV - Colonel Mark Essig

1st Artillary Battery - Colonel Wes Jones

1st Cavalry Squadron - Colonel Terry Treat

2nd Cavalry Squadron - Colonel Ken Wilt

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Division annual report


As of Feb 9 2006 Birneys Division has been in existence for two years. We have made great strides in influencing the hobby. Our light easy no nonsense style of reenacting must be the new and refreshing breeze blowing through the hobby that we thought it would be. We have instituted many inovations such as no bylaws, no dues, spectatorless events, emphasized regional reenacting within a couple of hours of most of our units. We offer reenactors insurance that is low cost and covers our members at whatever event they attend supported or not by the Division. We make nothing mandatory and our members remain independent ( no demands placed on our members... ever ). All members are treated in a fair,friendly, courteous manner at any event they attend with us. We allow time at reenactments for the families to share time together and enjoy themselves in any manner they wish keeping the families involved and satisfied. Our style of reenacting seems to be putting an end to the skid of our hobby shrinking we actually have many of our companies growing again, many of the reenactors that have put away their gear in the closet have come back and have started to enjoy themselves without all the arrogance and ugliness other umbrella groups spew that has driven may to sit on the sidelines or do WW II.

May we continue to grow and become the major force in the hobby as some predict. My personal thanks for your loyalty and participation the past two years I look forward to 2006 being a banner year for us as we continue to simply go out and have fun together. The rest takes care of itself.

Report 02/19/2006

We have picked up 9 Infantry companies, 1 Artillery unit of 4 guns, a Battalion of Mounted Cavalry of 40 Horses, and I am waiting on 2 more Infantry companies to hold their vote by the end of the month. This all sine October's Cedar Creek event. The totals are as follows to date for Division strength.

Infantry - 450
Artillery - 93 - 5 guns
Cavalry - 40
Dismounts - 12

Total 600 Military Members

Your Servant,
Major General Ed Kelley
Birneys Division