Monday, September 21, 2009

Early photo reports from Zoar

Here are a few early incoming photograph links from Zoar this past weekend. AAR to follow. If you missed it, start beating yourself with a blunt object now.


Saturday (includes night battle)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zoar Dispatch #2


We are just a few days away from Zoar and here are some updates and need-to-knows. Please make sure you pass these on you your entire unit.


As of the registration on September 11th, Birney's has 76 infantry on paper. Here is what we are showing as a breakdown:

5th Ind. Ohio Sharpshooters - 5
83rd PA Vol. Co. I - 6
114th OVI - 2
61st Co. D - 2
105th OVI - 27
5th Ohio - 9
9th PA Res. - 4
114th OVI - 2
HQ - 1
9th OVI - 7
4th OVI - 11

I am not clear on which 4th OVI is represented on the report. There is a chance it is a combination of both.

There are currently 55 from the US Volunteers, and potentially 25 from Vincent's. These numbers may go into the Army of the Ohio. 2d Battalion looks to be well over 150 men.

IMPORTANT! Because we have so man reenactors coming, camp setup is critical. Lt Col Skaggs and I will be at the event starting Thursday evening. DO NOT set up your tentage until you check in with the 2d Battalion HQ. The Battalion (including families) will be set up behind the school house off of 5th Street. Look for the 2d Battalion guidon to find headquarters.


For those of you interested in the march prior to the tactical on Sunday, please check in with 2d Battalion HQ no later than Saturday morning. Sergeants, it might be a good idea to get a count when you are turning in your morning reports.

This is the one we have been waiting for the last two years. The weather is going to be perfect, Cool and clear. The numbers are outstanding. I am looking forward to seeing all of you there!!

Lt Col Christopher Smith
Commanding, 2d Battalion

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zoar Dispatch #1

Good morning gents. Over the next week, I will be passing on anumber of messages about Zoar to keep you up to date. PLEASE pass this info on to your unit members!

As you have already read, registration has officially gone over 1000 reenactors. The last Zoar event had a 30% walk-on rate. Do the math. If you have not registered yet, please let me know if you plan to walk-on so we have some possible count.

Our Federal battalion will be made up of Birney's Division, US Volunteers, and Vincent's Brigade. The expected count to be around 150 to 175. Our Wing commanders will be Lt Col Kevin Skaggs from the USVs, and Maj Don Van Meter from Birney's.

The other Federal battalion under Lt Col Chuck Rusche is made up of the Army of the Ohio and other western troops. It will be about the same number of men.

Col Minton from the Army of the Ohio is the over all Federal commander and I can tell you he has been working his but off!

The tactical is on! This will take place Sunday morning. For those who wish to participate, we will also have a march from Ft. Laurens (about 3 miles) and join the rest of the Army going into the tactical. Yours truly will be leading the Federal infantry on the march. I expect some mischief from Confederate cavalry.

Please be aware, with three battles (Saturday afternoon, a Saturday evening battle, and Sunday afternoon) and a tactical, PLEASE be sure to bring plenty of rounds. The national commander of the Army of Norther Virginia, General Jennette, is personally commanding the Confederate forces this weekend so I expect quite a dust up!

C.L. Smith, Lt Col
Commanding 2d Battalion

Event Reminders

Here is a list of up coming reenactments. Please check out the Event page at

September 18-20 - Battle on the Ohio-Erie Canal
Zoar, OH

October 2-4 - Perryopolis
Perryopolis, PA

October 16-18 - 145th Cedar Creek
Middletown, VA