Friday, April 14, 2006

Nice Job!!!

Thanks to Lt. Col. Chris for fine tuning our news site and giving it blogging capability. We look forward to interesting discussions as well as the continued relay of important information concerning the Division.

Monday, April 10, 2006

After Action Report: Old Bedford Village - Assault on Fredericksburg

We arrived at Old Bedford Village after a short delay of construction on the wooden bridge holding arrival up for a time. Got in and set the cabin assignments and camps with little difficulty. The weather co operated to create a similar Fredericksburg atmosphere with the backdrop of the Village it was darn near perfect.

Saturday: We set the scenario and waited a couple of hours beyond the scheduled battle time for the comfort of the participants due to heavy rains that extended to mid morning (A definite advantage of non-spectator events). The weather cleared and the Battle of Fredericksburg was on. The Federals crossed the "pontoon bridges" and commenced the assault on the town of Fredericksburg. The battle was very realistic being hot and intense, after the first hour we halted to regroup and resupply ammunition to the troops (Our Infantry told us they burned 2-1/2 cartridge boxes of ammunition on Saturday alone). The battle raged for 3 plus hours ending on Mayres Heights where wave after wave of Federal Infantry assaulted that hill with Confederates behind a strong wall. As history dictated the Federal Army was soundly defeated and retreated back across the Rappahannock to lick their wounds.

Sunday Morning we put together a continuation of the Village assault and set it off at 11:00 AM the battle raged hot and heavy and lots of powder was burned again in the house-to-house fighting that was an absolute blast! We then dismissed the troops at 12:00 Noon (Another desirable advantage of non spectator events) and everyone was shortly on the road to get home in plenty of time to store their gear and have dinner.

In conclusion, this grand event was an exciting kick off to what is anticipated to be the best season ever. This weekend illustrates that we have found out how to make the hobby fun again the way it was intended. It is heartwarming to see the companies rapidly growing and and units joining both Birneys Division and PACS at a stunning rate because a great secret like this can't be kept quiet. A result of these efforts seems to have turned the hobby around and it is now headed in a very positive direction. If you liked this one wait till June Old Bedford Village event it is 10 times better. Make plans to attend you won't want to miss it!

I would like to thank Old Bedford Village, Roger Kerwin, The Confederate Commanders Colonel Mark Essig, Colonel Dave Knapp, and Colonel Ken Wilt for another great event that was run very smoothly where co-operation was perfect harmony. It is a real joy to work with folks that make putting events on a breeze.

On the Federal side I want to thank Birney's Division's staff for their hard work and professionalism. Our Field commanders Col John Price, Lt Col Chris Smith, and Captain Paul Baltzer for a very well run battles your ability and efforts are very much appreciated. A job well done. Thank you all.

Edward L. Kelley Sr., Major General
Federal First Division
Birneys Division