Monday, February 25, 2008

Old Bedford event registration

The season is quickly coming upon us. The registration for the April and June Old Bedford Village events are online to print out.

You can find the links on the event schedule at

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

School of Instruction

I hope that your winterquarters are comfortable and the time with friends and family is a welcome change from the riggers of the campaigns of last year.

In looking to prepare for the campaigns of this upcoming year, as you all know, we have scheduled a School of Instruction for May 16-18, 2008. The site for the School will be Camp Markle just outside of West Newton, PA. It is off of Route 136 about 3-4miles out of town.

Historically, Camp Markle was a Camp of Instruction, rendezvous camp, for the Sewickley Rifles in September of 1862. They were earmarked to be part of the 100th PVI. However, the 105th PVI also forming a regiment at that time was short one company to be officially a regiment. The captain of the Sewickley Rifles offered the commanding officer of the 105th PVI the company he had formed in exchange for the rank of Major in the 105th. This being agreed to, the Sewickley Rifles became Company E of the 105th PVI. The parade "march" that we will re-enact on Sunday afternoon is the same route that the Sewickley Rifles did in going to the train station in West Newton when going off to join the regiment and fight in the war. Also, this same ground was used as a camp by the Continental Army when organized to put down the Whiskey Rebellion in the late 1700's. Bottom line is this. We will be holding a camp of instruction, which we all need to brush off the rust from the winter, and hold a living history at the same time, while on historical ground used for the same purpose. Lastly, we will be supporting a fellow unit member (105th PVI) of Birney's Division at the same time.

1. If you sign up for the Sunday march to the West Newton train station the first 56 will receive a $20.00 gas card, and all will receive a "housewife" and a bible for participating. We are negotiating to increase the number of gas cards, so that number might increase. The Sergeant Major will be arranging school bus transportation back to the camp from the train station after the march. For the older soldiers that may not be up to a four mile march, the bus will drop them off for the last leg of the march to the train station. It's about a mile down hill. They would still receive the gas card.

2. A live firing competition will be held near the camp. Yes, of course in a safe place and direction. The winner will receive a $100.00. The competitors will need to bring their own balls (bullets), but the event will provide the measured rounds of powder.

3. For a $10.00 fee, the event will provide a breakfast on Saturday (pancakes, syrup, and sausage) and Sunday (fruit), a Saturday lunch (Sandwich, ham and cheese, and soup), and Saturday dinner (pig roast or prime rib with a potato and vegetable side). Please bring your own plates, utensils. Beverages are on your own To ensure enough food is purchased and prepared, the fee must be paid no later that Friday May 2, 2008 when you register. See registration form.
4. The net proceeds of the event fee of this school will be donated to the preservation of a needy monument at the Gettysburg National Military Park. The selected monument will be announced on the Birney's Division website after the event.

CLICK HERE to download the Registration Form.

CLICK HERE to download the Schedule.


Paul D. Baltzer, Colonel
Infantry Brigade Commander
Birney's Division

Monday, February 11, 2008

Reenactor's Auction Web Site Launches

Hi all,

A friend came up with a great idea that is now being launched. It is a great way to sell that extra reenacting junk we all have. Check it out.


We are extremely excited to announce the launch of a new and revolutionary, much needed buying and selling venue for Civil War reenactors.

Up to this point the only other known auction site that reenactors have used for this purpose has been ebay. We have all sifted through thousands of trinket sellers to find the hard goods we need and desire. If you have sold anything on ebay you know that you paid high listing fees and after your items sold, you were charged the current final fee rate of 8.75% (in most cases and graduated as the amount of purchase price rises). We experienced this and felt there should be a better alternative. Thus the Civil War Reenactors Auction was born.

We have set this site up in a clear and user-friendly format that will bring buyers to your products quickly and easily. We feature free listings on unlimited items for reenactors wanting to sell their used goods, and a store set up for serious sellers to market their product in an on-line setting that can build and establish a brand recognition for their business. The store set up is a very affordable $10 per month with unlimited free listings.

It is predicted that this new auction site will become the main method for reenactors to buy and sell the goods associated with our hobby in the future. You can gather up the items that we all have and get busy selling them on-line. AND make great money doing it!

Keep in mind that this is a fresh out-of-the-box auction site and is just now being launched. You may not see a ton of items the first day, but if everyone gets the word it won't be long till a load of stuff will be up and for sale.

Take a look, register, and come back often to see it grow.

Any questions mail us at