Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 Ohio Civil War Reenactors Conference

November 2, 2013 - Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

The Army of the Ohio and the 2nd Battalion of Birney's Division are once again hosting the Ohio Civil War Reenactors Conference. This event was a great success last year and is open to all ranks, military and civilian. All branches, Union and Confederate.

The conference will again be held at the Ohio Historical Society. However, we will be in the main history center utilizing the large auditorium inside for the main sessions. We are grateful to OHS and the Columbus Blue Jackets for sponsoring this years conference which helps to absorb some of the costs.

You can download the Conference flyer and registration form at www.birneysdivision.org/schedule. Please take note that the registration fee is based on you staying for the Saturday evening dinner or not. There will also be entertainment in the evening and a chance to view the "Follow the Flag" exhibit featuring original Civil War battle flags and their stories.

More details to follow as we build the schedule and you can get the latest news at www.facebook.com/OHCWRC.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The hits just keep on coming!

It is amazing how many great photos were taken at the 150th Gettysburg this year. Here is another online album of pics featuring Birney's Division.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Perryopolis early registration closing soon

We are less then a month away and we just wanted to send a reminder that registration for the 2013 Perryopolis Civil War Reenactment is due.

• Early Registration - $8.00 before September 23, 2013
• Walk On Registration-$10.00
• Children 12 Years of age and younger are FREE, please provide proof of age.
• Make All Checks Payable To: Perryopolis Area Historical Society (PAHS)
• A Saturday evening meal will be provided to all registered reenactors. This will include vegetable soup, bread, a beverage, and a dessert.

Download the registration form HERE!

If you have a any question involving the Perryopolis Reenactment, please feel free to email us at perrycivilwar@gmail.com or just visit our website at www.perryopolis.webs.com. Directions and the schedule of events can be found on our website.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Regards from Zoar

Another great Civil War reenacting weekend comes to a close. The weather was perfect and we had around 75 men in the battalion. We were also joined by General Maffei from Birney's Division HQ this weekend who brought best wishes from General Kelley.

Saturday evening, we were honored to be invited to a soiree hosted by Colonel Tim Perry. Staff members from Birney's and the Army of the Ohio journeyed to the Confederate camp for a wonderful spread of delicious food prepared by the ladies and spirits in the form of Captain Wormley's homemade mead! I would have loved every reenactor to have been there only to see that, in spite of past differences, we truly enjoy our friendship. It was a hell of a good time and laughter was the order of the evening. Thank you to our friends in gray for a very enjoyable evening!

This weekend was my final tour as the commander of Birney's 2nd Battalion. As always, I enjoyed leading the lads on the field Saturday afternoon in the Brotherton Farm scenario from the Battle of Chickamauga (of which we are now commemorating the 150th anniversary). It was a pleasure to shake each of your hands as I dismissed you for the final time. I am very proud, and you should ALL be proud, of the work you have done over the years to educated the public and honor those who served.

On Sunday we held a Brigade dress parade with the Army of the Ohio and conducted the change of command ceremony as I passed the battalion to Colonel Paul Baltzer. Thank you to that long line of my blue friends! It was also an honor to have the Confederate troops made up of the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Shenandoah attend, as well as my family and Kelly Falcone from Hale Farm and Village. I was absolutely humbled by the kind words spoken by Colonel Perry of the ANV, Colonel Minton of the Army of the Ohio, and our own General Maffei. I don't think I can express my gratitude accurately. Thank you gentlemen.

The guidon is now passed and Colonel Baltzer and he and the staff will move the battalion on to the next adventure.

Thank you all for your participation this weekend. As always, we achieved our mission goal of teaching the public about the life of the Civil War soldier, and had a damned good time doing it!!

See you on the field in the future.

Your Servant,
Christopher L. Smith, Colonel
Birney's Division