Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Call for Perryopolis

The annual Civil War reenactment at Perryopolis, PA is this weekend!

There will be a combined Battalion Command under Col Rohrbaugh. If you are coming, please send the following information immediately.

1. Name of unit

2. Number of military personnel attending

3. Will your unit have an officer/NCO in charge

Please email this information to the 1st Battalion Adjutant Capt Mike Murphy at ltmurph54th@yahoo.com. For more information on Perryopolis, visit http://perryopolis.webs.com/.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Zoar a Success!

Thanks to all of the reenactors who came out this past weekend to make make Zoar 2011 the huge success that it was.

Breaking down the numbers, there were over 1200 reenactors. Some even came in to register Sunday morning!

There were well over 3800 spectators. Right after the battle on Saturday, you almost couldn't get into the camps for the sea of people.

Most importantly, the fund-raising efforts to help our friend John Sutliff and his family raised over $5000.00. My thanks to Heather Nichols and her team for making this happen. If you are interested in more information on how to help, please visit the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/BenefitForJohn.

For those of you who missed the event, here are a few highlights:

STUDENTS - Traditionally on Friday morning, Zoar's Civil War weekend hosts a number of grade school students and put on a demonstrations from camp life, to infantry, cavalry and artillery demos. This year, because of the 105th, we had over 1100 kids from school systems around the state. It was amazing.

THE TACTICAL - Though there are some issues to work out for next time (battle OUTSIDE of town), I think everyone enjoyed themselves even though one of the judges tagged our entire battalion "out" for 5 minutes because we stood toe to toe and hammered at the Rebs. We did rack up a bunch of points that put us far ahead of the Confederates even though they had taken the Union artillery park right out of the gate. Finally tally, Union 280 points, Confederates 170. Check out some of the photos HERE.

THE BATTLES - Saturday was a bit like your typical reenactment battle, but Sunday's "Manassas Skedattle" make it worth while. To save you the blow by blow commentary, let's just say there were PLENTY of empty cartridge boxes.

I want to thank everyone on the Battalion staff, Bob Penix on the Wing, Dave Strichko on the Adjutating, Andy Kaminski on the Sergeant Majoring, Bill Andrews on the Double Secret Adjutating, Nick Barto on the horn, and Kevin Skaggs from the USVs for being the other Wing-Dinger. We had over 100 men in the Battalion comprised of Birney's Division, the US Volunteers, and the 66th OVI from Vincent's Brigade.

Another big thank you to Bob Minton and the guys from the Army of the Ohio. We have such a great working relationship that it is beyond enjoyable working with Bob and the gang to put on an event like this.

Lastly, thanks to all of the guys from the 51st OVI and 6th Ohio Cav (that covers a lot of names) for the work they did to put things together. They did a great job for the Zoar Community Association and the reenactors!!

Your Servant,
Chris Smith
2d Battalion, Birney's Division

Friday, September 09, 2011

Students Coming to Zoar - Help Needed

For the last few years, school systems in the region have been busing students to Zoar during the reenactment weekend for several special living history educational programs on the Civil War. This year, on the morning of Friday, September 16th, over 1000 students will be coming to Zoar again. We are looking for people who can assist in doing demonstrations such as weaponry, cooking, field living, and so on. The programs begin at 9 am.

If you can help, please contact Mark Gaynor ASAP at mark@indianrivergraphics.com.
Please help us educate these kids on the real history of the Civil War.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

First Call for Zoar!

The largest Civil War reenactments in Ohio is now upon us! This is a maximum effort event for Birney's Division and we are looking to have a strong showing from all units. If you have not registered yet, DO! Walk-ons will be permitted.

At this time, I would like to get basic numbers from everyone who is attending. Please provide the following information:

1.  Will your unit be attending
2.  How many military personnel
3.  How many civilians
4.  What number of tents and type

Please email this information to clsmith@5thohio.com. Looking forward to see everyone there!!