Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Attention! Orders for Hale Farm

I hope everyone is ready to go for this weekend's Civil War action at Hale Farm & Village! On behalf of the Federal Commander Col. Minton, here are some things you need to know for the weekend.

1. Setup is permitted no earlier than 10 am on Friday the 10th. The only exception are those who have been pre-approved by Col. Minton for Thursday night. You MUST check in at Federal HQ (the "First Settlement" Log Cabin near the sawmill) BEFORE you set up your camp.

2. All reenactors MUST check in at registration prior to entering the grounds. Reenactors who have not pre-register will need to do so at that time. Only pre-registered reenactors will receive a Sunday breakfast ticket and firewood chit. Firewood will be located at Federal HQ. You must present your chit to draw firewood.

3. Federal reenactors will be on the Visitor's Center side of the property this year as we are trying to change things up. The camp location map is shown here (or will appear as a separate post). The Confederate reenactors will be in the Village. A new programming area will be near the Visitors Center and Sutler Row will be on the path going into the Village.

4. We have two battles planned for Saturday. In the morning ("Pillage the Village", 8 am) for the reenactors and the tradition afternoon battle for the public. There will be only one battle on Sunday afternoon. We have added earthworks for the scenarios and there will be a great deal more cavalry than usual. Both Federal and Confederate riders will be on the field making it about 80 horse in action! You will receive a reenactor version of the schedule when you check in/register. There is a public schedule online at http://www.wrhs.org/Properties/Civil_War_Reenactment_Encampment#schedule

5. At this time, we would like to ask any Federal reenactors who have a Confederate jackets to bring it to the event. There may be a need to ask for volunteers who wish to galvanize for battles only. The is strictly on a volunteer basis.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at clsmith@5thohio.com

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