Monday, February 16, 2015

150th Appomattox updates

IT’S OFFICIAL: I’ve been informed by the President of the Appomattox Historical Society that the cut- off date for accepting event registrations is March 1, 2015. Any registrations postmarked after March 1, 2015 will be returned to sender, and NO WALK-ONS will be permitted at the event. So, if you want to be a part of the 150th Sesquicentennial commemoration of the Appomattox event, it behooves you to send in your registration ASAP. Registration forms can be found at  along with a host of other information about the event. I know there are folks who always wait until the last minute to register. Well folks – with only 2 weeks left, I’d say we’re at the last minute! Our goal is a quality event for all – participants and spectators alike, and in order to accomplish this, we must adequately prepare, and proper preparation means knowing the numbers far enough in advance! Your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated – and you’ll be part of the event!

Almost daily now, we’re being questioned about sending the registration form and money separate from the waivers because of groups being geographically spread out. Yes!!! Get the registration forms and fees in quick and follow up with waivers later.

And while on the subject of registrations; recently we’ve received a few registrations forms from years past. The acceptable registration form is on our website of and no other place. You can tell if your using the proper form because at the top of the form it will BOLDLY display the dates of April 10-12, 2015. If you find a form with any other date, please do not use it; thanks. And be sure to write or print legibly

Our webmaster is designing a name only full roster for our website and hopes to have it up by early next week; this will be helpful in determining if we’ve received your registration. Any names highlighted in yellow indicates you owe us a waiver form. Sending the waiver to us in advance will speed up your entry to the site at time of check in; please consider it. If your name should be on the list but is not, then we either did not receive your form or you did not send the fee with their form and should contact us immediately. Again, be sure to write or print legibly.

We’ve been asked for a GPS address that can be used to find the site. All re-enactors and living historians will be entering through the back entrance to the site which is located between the only “Super 8 Motel” and the only “Hardee’s” in town. The address for the “Super 8 Motel” is 7571 Richmond Highway, Appomattox, VA 24522. Enter this address in your GPS and upon arrival at that location, you’ll see signage indicating the entrance to the site. We’ll soon be adding the site maps and a picture of the Rt 460 entrance (between Super 8 and Hardee’s) to the website along with the days and times that the check-in gate will be open.

Another question that has come up is: will re-enactors be allowed to set up on Friday. As you know, the event opens to spectators at 8:30AM on Friday, therefore we’re encouraging everyone to be in place not later than Thursday evening. However, we know that some may not be able to arrive until real late Thursday or early Friday. With that in mind, we’ll open the re-enactor entrance gate at 7AM on Friday and if you’re among those folks who will be there at that time to set up, you’ll be allowed entry. HOWEVER, you’ll be advised to enter, unload your items and have your vehicles out of the camps by 8:30AM! You can set up once your vehicle has been removed from the camp. Another resource that we’ll offer will be tractors and wagons at the re-enactor gate. We can transfer your items to the wagon and carry them to your camp in that manner if you choose. Should you arrive after that time, the wagons will be the only way you can take your items to your respective site. AND, here again I must mention that if you’ve not pre-registered, you will not be allow in! ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!

We were notified a few days ago that the US Post Office has designed 3 special cancellation stamps for this event and will be setting up a real post office on the site for anyone desiring to send mail using these cancellations. One cancellation will represent the Battle of Appomattox Station and will be available on Friday, April 10th; the second will represent the Battle of Appomattox Court House and available on Saturday, April 11th and the third will be a reproduction of the 100th or Centennial anniversary of 1965 and available on Sunday, April 12th. You may want to have letters and envelopes all prepared and present them to the postmaster for their stamp; there will be no charge for stamping.

Don’t forget that 150th Appomattox T-shirts are available. Sizes and prices are Med, large and X Large at $16 while 2XL and 3XL are $18 due to their being more expensive to produce. They are all adult sizes (no child sizes). Most folks are buying the Medium for their kids. Orders of 3 or more shirts will result in lower total shipping costs as we can combine the shipping charges. Information to order can be found at the link set out below.

AND LASTLY – please pass this mail on to all your friends in the hobby. I may have entered their e-mail address incorrectly, or may not have been able to read it and that being the case, they won’t get this mail. Or, it could be that some are waiting till the last minute – well, we’re just about at the last minute and your passing this on to them will be helpful.

If you belong to a Civil War Reenactor internet forum, please consider posting this information so it can be seen by all.

All the folks that make up your host as well as your commanders and their respective staffs are working diligently to make this a special occasion for everyone. I suspect we’ll have our short comings but rest assured, we’re meeting and planning and we hope that when we fail in some regard (and we will), you’ll work with us to make the appropriate correction – and move on.

Anticipating Appomattox, I am!

Al Stone

Monday, February 02, 2015

150th Appomattox and reenactor insurance

Members and Friends of Birney’s Division,

I hope this message finds you all in good health and comfortable in your winter quarters. It will not be long before we can put on the wool again, greet our old friends and share some new experiences together.

This is an update and information from the promoters of the 150th Appomattox event, please read carefully and register now if you have not already done so. This important event will bring the 150th series to a close and we hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us for this historic and emotional event ending the civil war.

For those of you who may not be able to wait until April to put on the wool, the 105th Pa. Co. E will be sponsoring a winter camp and drill at Birney’s Division camps in Perryopolis, PA the weekend of February 21th and 22nd camps will open at 5:00 pm Friday the 20th, this event is closed to the public. We invite both union and confederate reenactors who want to come out and stay in the heated barracks and buildings, tramp around in the cold of February to sharpen up their skills before the 150th Appomattox event. You will need to bring your own food and water, as the water supply line has been winterized. Please contact Capt. Rob at the 105th at for information.

A reminder all, reenactor Insurance monies must be collected and turned in by the end of March this year. Please include a roster of all permanent paying members and a list of any and all events you plan on attending this coming season. Insurance cost per person this year will be $10.00 as was discussed and agreed upon at our annual meeting. Please make all checks payable to Birney’s Division and mail them to, Michael Maffei 1951 Hertford Dr. South Park, PA 15129. I will send out a reminder and information again next month.

Michael D. Maffei
Brig. Gen. Commanding
Birney’s Division
AoP Middle Division