Friday, March 31, 2006

Assignment and Promotion

Commanders and Men,

I have the honor to report that Major General Edward Kelley has been recommended for and has accepted the promotion to Left Wing Commander of the First Federal Div., Army of Potomac to be effective immediately. During the last several campaign seasons commanding Birney's Division he has shown himself a very capable and gallant officer. He is a man of correct habits, great energy, an indomitable will and is a gentleman in his interaction with both subordinates and superiors.

This promotion will not take our beloved General Kelley from us but enhances our position in the Army as Birney's Div. is herewith assigned to Second Brigade, First Division, Third Corps, Army of the Potomac under direct command of General Kelley. The command structure (Birney's Division) as it is at present will not be changing in the main, General Kelley remains in command of Birney's Division and is a case where he assumes this additional duty when the Army is assembled en masse; we remain under his direct command.

Birney's Division, under General Kelley's strong, no nonsense leadership, has grown into a formidable force as a legitimate nationally recognized organization. We take great pride in assuming our rightful place as a powerhouse in the Army of Potomac and gratefully acknowledge and thank each and every one of you for your faithfulness and continued support and look ahead to very exciting times indeed!

It is my earnest hope that all of you will join me and the Staff in heartily congratulating General Kelley in this promotion; well earned and well deserved.

Very respectfully,

Dennis Rohrbaugh,
Colonel/Chief of Staff

Thursday, March 23, 2006

More on Romney

The following updates have been affirmed:
  • Shuttle Bus service from the site to town running at various times
  • Ice will be on site for a small fee
  • A Parade on Saturday night followed by a Pig Roast on Saturday night no charge
  • Military Ball in town on Saturday evening

They are working on a website I will forward the address when completed.
Registration is only $1.

Registration -Friday & Saturday Morning (must register for Pig Roast). Friday - Dusk - Tactical at Ft Mill Foundation (no spectators and voluntary).

Saturday - Demonstrations in the morning, battle at 1pm or 2pm, 4:30 or 5pm Parade Line Up 6pm parade Main Street in Romney. Following parade -- Pig Roast, Civil War Dance -- Romney Bottling Works at 9pm.

Sunday - Dawn battle - Ft Mill Foundation, demonstrations in the late morning. After demos - pack up. ( looking at a noon departure at our request ).

This event is really shaping into a great event as predicted. Do your best to get your members to attend.

Download registration form

Your Servant,
General Kelley
Birney's Division

Friday, March 17, 2006

Old Bedford Billeting

Be advised that on the subject of Cabin allotments to the winning units of the earlier drawing that, especially if you haven't been to Old Bedford Village before that the sizes of the cabins vary some are big and some are smaller some have fireplaces some don't. Keep in mind that the cabins are intended as previously stated your companies Headquarters although some of your men can stay in them .

There has been some misunderstanding by some that they are large enough to be a barracks to hold ALL of your attendees. This is NOT the case you need to advise your members to all bring camping equipment, sleeping gear, if desired, tents to play it safe, heaters if desired, food etc. Some of your members will have to tent it regardless. Advise those folks to bring cold weather gear just in case. The registration indicates some units will not be able to house their entire unit the attendance looks larger than anticipated. It is expected that all commanders alert their people and get them prepared properly, in other words better safe than sorry. We will make every effort to accommodate as many as possible.

Remember your units has a cabin for a headquarters if you were informed you are a winner but beyond that "NO PROMISES ".

Your Servant,
General Kelley