Wednesday, June 27, 2012

149th Anniversary of Gettysburg next weekend

July 6-8 - 149th Gettysburg Anniversary Reenactment

Don't forget next weekend is the annual reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg. Birney's Division will have a command structure at the event so if you or your unit is attending, please make sure to email the following information to Colonel Rohrbaugh ( BEBORE this weekend!!
1. Name of unit
2. Number of military attending
3. Number of tents and type of tent
Check out the event website listed above for details on loaction and registration.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Final reenactor insurance notice

Greetings Birney's Division member units,

We are pleased to again offer Commercial General Liability Insurance to protect members for the rest of 2012 into the 2013 season. We have received the renewal notice and I am happy to report that coverages and costs remain the same as the current coverage.

We are asking that you get your head counts and submit the premium before June 30th, 2012 along with a list of all events your company will be attending for the rest of the season from June until next season.

The cost per member per year remains at $8 each. Please make check or money order out to Dennis Rohrbaugh and mail to:

5300 Greenvillage Road
Chambersburg, PA 17202-7311

Any questions; please contact Col. Rohrbaugh at

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

March to Destiny this weekend

March to Destiny
June 22-24, 2012
Shippensburg, PA

This annual Civil War reenactment is actually held in historic Shippensburg, PA. Though not a recognized battlefield, Shippensburg became a staging area for Confederate troops prior to the Battle of Gettysburg. Residents endured a skirmish and the occupation of the town by 20,000 Confederate troops from June 23-30, 1863 The annual March to Destiny relives these events.

Col. Rohrbaugh will be commanding so you know you will be in for a hot fight! At this time you will only be able to register at the event. Make sure to go to the website for complete details.

Monday, June 18, 2012

1st Call Gettysburg

To All Company Commanders,

This is your first call for Gettysburg July 6-8. Please inform CPT Murphy at of your units intentions if attending and also the number of personnel attending by the following format:

Number of officers:
Number of enlisted:
Number of civilians:

Any questions and concerns let me know.


CPT M. Murphy
Adjutant, Birney's Division

Old Bedford Village AAR

From: Hqtrs, 1st Battalion Birney's Division
After Action Report from Old Bedford Village

15 June:

Troops began to filter into the village in the afternoon with the bulk of the army in camp by 10 PM. All the amenities were in place and the weather promised to be beautiful.

16 June:

Reveille was at 7 AM and morning reports were turned into headquarters promptly afterward. Morning reports showed 89 infantry, 6 artillery pieces, and 20 cavalry (mounted and dismounted). Dress parade was held with the aid of the 46th PVI Band and Battalion drill followed. The men were dismissed and given time to relax and rest up for the afternoon's action.

Formation for battle took place at 12:30 and the battalion moved out with 6 companies to a staging position covering the artillery battery on the north end of the field outside the village. 6th Company under CPT Felice moved forward of the lines to occupy the fortifications near the woods. Rebel artillery opened up around 1:00, the main confederate force came out of the woods using the Swamp Road, and after a stiff resistance, forced out the 6th Company. The 1st Division, under CPT Murphy with the 1st Company, under CPT MacGregor, and the 2nd Company, under CPT Towarnicki, moved forward to assist the 6th company and hold the confederate infantry at bay. After exchanging volleys, the 2nd and 3rd Division with COL Rohrbaugh leading, moved forward and pushed the remaning rebels back into the fortifications. The dismounted cavalry under CPT Brindle moved on the right flank and began to silence the enemy guns. A two prong assault of the fortifications began with the 1st Division making a frontal assault and the remainder of the Battalion sweeping the enemies right flank forcing the rebels to flee. Not wanting to be in an exposed position the battalion withdrew back to the town of Bedford for the night. After an almost wedding of 1LT Bowling to a "southern belle", all was quiet with the sounds of music from banjos, and singing was heard throughout camp.

17 June:

Reveille was held at the same time and after reports were turned in the battalion numbers showed 80 infantry ready for duty and the same amount of artillery and cavalry from the prior day. Church services were held and the men were given the morning to rest and spend time with their families.

Formation was at 1:00; dress parade was conducted with no change to the battalion order of battle from the 16th. The battalion stepped off at 1:40 and was in place by 1:50. The 1st Division was held at the western end of the line covering the artillery's right flank with dismounted cavalry covering the infantries right flank. The 5th company under CPT Dolbin was ordered to move out and occupy the fortifications vacated the prior day, and 4th Company under CPT Morgan was tasked with covering the Swamp Road. Rebel cavalry sweeped down the road and were heavily engaged by the 4th and 5th Companies. 4th Company linked up with 5th Company and were eventually pushed back by the supporting rebel infantry and artillery brought up. 1st Division moved out to push the rebel front and cover the withdrawal of the 4th and 5th Companies. The Left Wing moved out and linked up with the 4th and 5th companies. The 1st Division pushed forward to within 50 yards of the enemy fortifications, after heavy casuaulties, they were forced to withdrawal. The rebels began to push forward and began inflicting heavy casualties on the entire battalion. A fighting withdrawal took place making the rebels pay dearly, with the line holding at the hubs of the artillery with the artillery gunners ready to fight with their implements. A cease fire was arranged with the rebels holding the ground.

I would like to thank all the company commanders; CPT MacGregor, 1LT Bowling, CPT Towarnicki, CPT Wolgemuth, CPT Morgan, CPT Dolbin, and CPT Felice for all their hard work during the weekend, as well as the Battalion Staff, SGM Donahue, SGM Hicks, MAJ Doyle, MAJ Guilliams, LTC Wagner, MAJ Gallaher, and of course our commander COL Rohrbaugh, as well as our Chief of Staff BG Maffei.

Your Obediant Servant,

CPT M. Murphy
Adjutant, 1st Battalion, Birney's Division

Argus Park information online

A big thanks to all of the reenactors who turned out to Old Bedford Village this past weekend!! The action doesn't stop there. Check out the Argus Park Facebook page at

Friday, June 15, 2012

After Action Report - Beaver Creek

A big HUZZAH! to Maj. Penix and staff (including Capt. Gaynor and Sgt. Maj. Muehlenbein from the Army of the Ohio) for such a great job at Beaver Creek. Work duties may have called me away but my heart was with all of you. Sounds like everyone had a great experience.

Cheers to Mike Lawson and Chris Jones for all of the work they did to organize the weekend.

The following is Maj. Penix's AAR.

Your Servant,

Col. Christopher L. Smith
Birney's Division, 2d Battalion

After Action Report of 9-10 June 1862, Birney's Division
Near the Village of Beaver Creek, Ohio

Saturday, 9 June - We camped on Beaver Creek in a pine grove. Good ground and plenty of water and shade for the men. We took out an advanced force of 5 companies in the afternoon to sweep the village for supplies. Columbiana County is full of Rebel sympathizers.

I split our Battalion in two in order to approach the village from both ends. The Rebs had pickets posted at a foot bridge on the North end of town and in a covered bridge on the South. Their pickets opened fire on us at both ends of town at about the same time. Luckily I had artillery support on the north end of town and they were able to sweep the village at will.

Capt. Slattery was able to push the Reb pickets in from the South and I, with the other half of our force, was able to push into town from the north. The main body of Rebs pushed on our flank forcing me to pull back in order to recover our wounded and reform for another push. We gained the high ground in town taking a Reb cannon in the process but only after some close in hand to hand combat. The Rebs pulled back behind a large farm house I assumed to reform and charge us again. To my surprise, General "Stonewall" Jackson came out to surrender the town. We struck a truce to care for our dead and wounded.

Sunday 10 June - We were camped in town now but I put out pickets as I expected Jackson to attempt to retake the town. Our pickets at the foot bridge and at the trail in rear of the farm house were hit hard and pushed back quickly barely giving us time to un-stack arms and get on line.

Capt. Baltzer took two companies to the defense quickly but was only able to slow the Rebs down but not stop them. The other three companies went to defend the covered bridge but struggled to get on line as the Rebs were pushing and would not be denied. If not for the 110th OVI and their Henry Rifles, we would have been overwhelmed immediately.

Wiedrich's Battery did all they could and stood to their gun as long as possible until they were overrun by screaming Rebs. I pulled the wings back as slowly as possible while sending squads to weak points as needed. We fought our way back to and through a barn to the road where we reformed along a fence line enabling a squad to cross the covered bridge and push the Rebs out of a cluster of buildings. The troops used what cover they could but the Rebs flanked them out of the fence line sending us all across the covered bridge where we fought until all was lost.

General Jackson stopped the bloodshed and paroled us to tend our dead and wounded.

I want to send a special thanks to Mike Lawson and Chris Jones for two incredible battles and to the EMT ladies that tended our every need as well as our civilians that had health and heat issues. They did an outstanding job and we can't thank them enough!

Faithfully submitted 14 June.
Maj. Bob Penix, commanding

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maryland, My Maryland registration update

From Birney's Division, 2d Battalion Headquarters:

September may seem like a long way off, but the Antietam 150th anniversary will be here before you know it!

Maryland, My Maryland (the 150th battles of Antietam and South Mountain) will be September 8-9, 2012. If your unit plans to attend this event, please register as soon as possible. The event is limiting the numbers to 4000!

Col. Christopher Smith and staff from Birney's Division will be providing leadership for our members at this event. MAKE SURE to list "Birney's Division" under "Organization Affiliation" on the registration. You can register online at the following link:


As you know, there is a different Antietam event the following weekend. Other members of Birney's Division will be attending this event. MAKE SURE you know which Antietam your unit is attending!!! For the most part (but not exclusively), if you are a Birney's 2d Battalion unit, you are attending Maryland, My Maryland September 8-9.

For those of you attending the other Antietam event on September 14-16, Capt. Murphy will be posting registration information on the Division News page as well.

Let's have a great showing at Maryland, My Maryland! Here is the registration link again:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Urgent second notice on Reenactor Insurance

Greetings Birney's Division member units,

We are pleased to again offer Commercial General Liability Insurance to protect members for the rest of 2012 into the 2013 season. We have received the renewal notice and I am happy to report that coverages and costs remain the same as the current coverage.

We are asking that you get your head counts and submit the premium before June 30th, 2012 along with a list of all events your company will be attending for the rest of the season from June until next season.

The cost per member per year remains at $8 each. Please make check or money order out to Dennis Rohrbaugh and mail to:

5300 Greenvillage Road
Chambersburg, PA 17202-7311

Any questions; please contact Col. Rohrbaugh at

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Head-count for Old Bedford Village


June 15-17, 2012
Old Bedford Village
Bedford, PA

The annual Division event at Old Bedford Village in Pennsylvania is only one week away. Hard to believe a year has already flown by. We are still looking to get a rough count of numbers for each Battalion, Cav and Artillery. Please read and report the information below.

1. Unit Name
2. Number of Military Personnel
3. Number of Civilians
4. Type and Number of Tentage
5. Parent Organization (if not a unit within Birney's Division)

Please send your information ASAP to

$6.00 pre-registrations are still being accepted. If you do NOT mail your registration by THIS weekend, please register as a walk-on. Here is the link to the registration form:

All COMBATANTS must have liability insurance and provide a copy of the policy at time of registration. If you are a Birney's Division unit, you already have a copy of this policy. If not, please email Denny Rohrbaugh ( for more information.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Beaver Creek this weekend!

This weekend is the annual Civil War reenactment at Beaver Creek State Park near East Liverpool, Ohio. One of the NICEST locations you will ever find for an event (fight and camp in the shade)!

Major Penix from Birney's Division will be commanding the Federal troops and we currently have 74 military personnel and 35 or so civilians pre-registered on the "Blue Team". For those of you who did not send in your registration by yesterday (June 5th), please pay your registration fee at the gate.

If you have any questions, contact Major Bob Penix at

For more information, click the following link:

Friday, June 01, 2012

Coming to you with my Dirty Billy hat in hand...

Greeting all,

There are days when you are on the "hamster wheel" so long you just loose track of where you are and where you are going. Since last Fall, we have reported the dates for the reenactment in Painesville, OH (Trouble in Bordertown) as the last weekend of July (28-29). Thankfully, I just learned that we did indeed have a communications mix-up that was on my part. In our discussions with the event, I believed that the date I gave them as "good one for us" was that last weekend. I didn't not realize that the final confirmed date is July 14-15.

I know a lot of you are committed to the event at Argus Park the weekend of the 21st. That is good as we need a strong turn out. For those of you in the area local to Painesville, please consider participation at this event as well. For more information and registration, visit

Again, my apologies for the mix up on the date. I can't believe we have gone this long without somebody catching this one!

Registration cut-off for Beaver Creek

The Beaver Creek event coordinator Mike Lawson has asked that he would like to have all mailed registrations by Tuesday June 5th. After that you can just go as a walk-on. The park wants a headcount for breakfast and Mike is going to be there Thursday 7th. If he has not received your registration before being on-site, you will have to pay as a walk on and he will mail your check back to you after the event.

For more information, click the following link:

Registration for Argus Park

Reenactors! You can now download the registration form for Argus Park (July 21-22, 2012) at the link below. Pre-Registration and Walk-On Registration is $9.00. No dinner or breakfast for those who DO NOT pre-register!

Also, please "Like" the event Facebook page and receive updates.