Friday, December 22, 2017

General Palese

We are sad to announce that General Ron Palese passed away yesterday. General Palese has been a fixture in the Civil War reenacting community and will be missed by all those whose lives he touched.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

An update on 2018 events

Dear Valued Members of the Division,

I would like to begin by offering you my warmest greetings and wishing a Happy Holidays to the Officers, NCO’s, soldiers and civilians of Birney’s Division. I hope that everyone is comfortable in their winter quarters. This time, for many of us, is to break bread with friends and family, get our kits refitted and updated for next year. This is also a time to reflect on the year’s events and reflect on the many special moments and fellowship enjoyed while in camp and on the field. Many units are beginning to hold their unit meetings. More importantly, the reason for this correspondence, it’s time to begin looking to the event schedule for 2018.

The leadership of the Division plans on using the same method to develop our 2018 schedule as was done last year. Your unit’s input is crucial to ensuring that the Divisional staff is aware of what events (battle reenactments) your unit plans to attend. From this input, the Divisional Staff will establish the schedule and determine, by a majority of those Divisional Units attending, which and at what level the Birney’s staff will support those events. This method allows the schedule to be built from the events our members want, as opposed to the Division dictating the schedule. Please ensure that your unit leadership participates in the building of our 2018 Divisional schedule.
Shortly, the staff will be publishing the spreadsheet on our website and Face book. Keep checking from time to time to see the updated spreadsheet and what the other unit’s are doing. Again, the events on the spreadsheet ARE NOT the 2018 Divisional schedule, but merely those events that are out there to attend; and will be used, as said above, to determine at the annual meeting our 2018 schedule. Your unit leadership needs to provide the Divisional staff with your schedule so that this spreadsheet is an accurate representation of what you plan on supporting.

Two events of focus that we very much need your unit’s support and attendance are Old Bedford Village in Bedford, PA, June 8-10 and the 155th Gettysburg Reenactment in Gettysburg, PA, July 6-8. We realize that these two are further than you may usually travel. Old Bedford Village is an event that the Division is the overall command of and need a strong battalion(s) showing. The 155th Gettysburg is one of those special anniversary years and General Maffei has made efforts to cooperate with battalions of the West under the name of the GAR, Grand Army of the Republic. So we should not be lost in the mega-event routine of being overlooked or left behind. When registering for this event, indicate on the registration form Organization Affiliation put “GAR”. I hope you will seriously consider attending these two events, placing a priority to your fellow unit members that the Division is kindly asking for your attendance.

The events we are aware of for 2018 are listed below. Again, I must stress that these are not the 2018 schedule, but the known events that we are aware of. From these and the ones you may provide, we will develop the Birney’s Division schedule.

May 26-28 Painesville, OH (Would like to use this weekend as a camp of instruction)

June 8-10 Old Bedford Village, Bedford, PA

June Prelude to Gettysburg, near Cleveland, OH

July 6-8 155th Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA

August Hale Farm and Village, Bath, OH

September 8-10 Beaver Creek

October ?? Mesopotamia, OH (still waiting on details to be sure)

November 17-19 Remembrance Day, Gettysburg, PA

Also, there are plans for holding the Birney’s Division Annual Meeting in March near New Stanton, PA. It will be held at Hoss’ Steak and Seafood Restaurant. More details to come. We hope you will send a unit representative to provide your input.

Warmest Regards,
Paul Baltzer, Brigadier General
Executive Officer
Birney’s Division

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Union Reenactors Needed

December 16, 2017 (1 pm to 4 pm) - I am doing some initial coordinating of reenactors for a timeline event at the Western Reserve Historical Society's Cleveland History Center focused on the home front and the front lines. I am looking for a small group of Federal reenactors. Please reply to if your group is able to help. Also, for anyone who portrays civilians on the home front during any of these conflicts, please let me know as well. All participating reenactors will have an opportunity to tour the museum free of charge.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Division Post Assignments

As reenactors get ready to close out the 2017 season, Birney’s Division will be seeing some staff rotations. Colonel Neil Shivelle was selected and appointed to the role of Division Chief of Staff just before the conclusion of the 2016 season and has served in that position honorably for 2017 full-time. Col Shivelle will be undergoing some required surgery in early 2018 before the new season starts. Although no complications are expected and a full recovery anticipated, Division leadership would like to ensure Col Shivelle has enough time to fully recuperate without the worries of the administrative and field requirements of this position. All members of Birney’s Division wish Colonel Shivelle best wishes in his upcoming procedure and hope he makes a quick and full recovery and thank him for his countless hours of service to Birney’s Division as Chief of Staff.

On behalf of Birney’s Division Commanding General Michael Maffei, we are pleased to announce that General Baltzer has made his recommendation to General Maffei with regard to the new Chief of Staff appointment transitioning to the post effective immediately. Major Trent Boham has been selected and assigned to serve as the new Birney’s Division Chief of Staff with a promotion to the rank of Colonel. Trent has been active in Birney’s Division for many years and in a variety of capacities. As the dynamic and active organization of the Division as a whole has changed considerably over the past year, Trent is the right choice at this time to serve in this capacity in the best interests of the organization.

Congratulations to both Colonel Boham on his new position!

Monday, September 11, 2017

New command appointments

During the Civil War reenactment in Zoar, Ohio, Birney’s Division held a Change of Command ceremony this past weekend. Congratulations go out to Colonel Mike Dallas (from Pennsylvania) who has taken over command of 2nd Battalion. Lieutenant Colonel Andy Kaminski and Major Josh Wales (both from Ohio) will take over the Wing Commander slots. Best of luck gentlemen and huzzah!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The next Birney's Division events

The next two Birney's Division events are just a few weeks away!

The Battle of Smithfield Crossing, September 9-10, 2017 (Middleway, WV). The Federal Commander will be Colonel Bouwhuis. More information at

The Battle of Antietam, September 9-10, 2017 (Zoar, OH). Birney's Division 2nd Battalion will be on the field. More information at

Monday, August 07, 2017

Civil War Reenactment at Perryopolis, PA to be No More

It started in 2002 with an invitation request from borough officials to have the Civil War reenactors come out as part of the attraction for the weekend’s activities during the town’s annual celebration of Pioneer Days. Could we put on a reenactment in the back of the park to attract some additional visitors for the borough’s festivities? That is how it all started 15 years ago and things went well, the reenactments drew a large crowd and the reenactors had a permanent home to teach history to all who came.

After a few years we were given permission from the then Heritage Society to build log cabins and build we did, we built structures as close as possible to how they would have been built in the mid-19th century. As the years passed we built a small town in what was once the local dump in back of Sampey Park. Over the past 13 years we maintained the building and the park, much to the delight and approval of many Perryopolis residents, who used the park for walks and recreation. We were reenactors volunteering our time and money into developing a living history museum for all to experience and enjoy. Most all our materials were from the land or donated by individuals who were more than pleased to see the park develop. The Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and even the Girl Scouts used our buildings throughout the years learning a little about history and about the beautiful natural surroundings of the park. The High School track team trained on our cleared trails and land throughout the park, special events were put on at Halloween by the High School students and many of us volunteered to help and be part of their program. Each year after the annual reenactment we would turn all the proceeds over to the Perryopolis Heritage Society to be used in the community, our success brought many thousands of dollars in over the years, it seemed like a perfect match.

Then suddenly last year we were approached by borough officials and told we could not use the park any longer and we had to cancel our annual Oct. event. We were shocked and asked why, what had changed, has the land been sold for development? After all the years of us building and maintaining the park we were shut out and no one could give us a reason why. Ever since our cancelation last year we have attended at least a dozen meetings with different departments and borough officials trying to determine the reason why we were being denied access to the park? Issues arose about insurance, this I did not understand as we have always provided the borough with our insurance naming Perryopolis as the additional insured on certificates for liability and property damage for our activities at the park. In addition to the insurance issue, we were then forbidden to build or repair any of the structures and at one point we were told not to even cut the grass (which is now 4 ft. high) unless we could provide independent contractor insurance for each individual volunteer? This was an impossible and unnecessary request, as we were just volunteers working in the community and for the 13 years prior, no one had ever requested such insurance.

The rough wood and log structures are now in the second season of no maintenance or repair, insects and rodents are attacking the neglected structures, the park is over grown, fallen and dead trees and limbs are littering the park and the road has become washed out and full of holes.

It saddens us deeply to watch this very unique one of a kind park, so many worked so hard to create, decline and degenerate back into the earth. We are sorry the residents and the children will no longer be able to experience and enjoy the park as it once had been.

We would like to extend a special thanks to all who have supported us over the years in helping with the park, attending events and bringing a little Civil War history of our ancestors who fought and died in that war from Western Pennsylvania. For all the residents of Perryopolis and the surrounding areas that came and watched our recreation of history year after year, we also must say thanks. It was good for all of us…while it lasted!

Michael D. Maffei and the Reenactor Volunteers

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pre-registration for Hale Farm closing soon

We are closing in on the cut off for the Hale Farm and Village Civil War Reenactment​ pre-registration. Please share this link with your fellow reenactors!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Update on West Virginia Tactical

July 21-23, 2017
Oglebay State Park - Wheeling, WV
Non-Spectator Event

July 21-23, 2017
Oglebay State Park - Wheeling, WV
Non-Spectator Event

A few updates for those intending to attend this year's tactical at Oglebay Park in Wheeling, WV in three weeks.

As you are aware Oglebay is a privately run city park of 1,700 acres. It has a huge pool and water works park, a large extensive Zoo with Zebras etc., and many different restaurants and pubs, a golf course, and of course incredible vistas.

The weekend will have the tactical on Saturday and an early public battle on Sunday. All the amenities are right there at hand. The camping area is beautiful and looks like, well, a park. Parking is next to the camps and most attractions are within walking distance.

You must register within the next two weeks or at least advise major Dave Coleman you are coming by then. Artillery is of course welcome. Registration information can be found at

The length of the tactical will depend on weather. This weekend is set to be a vacation/reenactment fun type of event, but we must know at least a week before the event if you are coming due to the extensive logistics of putting this together. These events are built for the rank and file and civilians to have fun. There is nothing worse then going to the same o same o events year after year. Before you know it your going out of habit and then you slowly lose interest in the hobby. Rekindle that fun and excitement you first had when you got into reenacting, before politics, big hats, egos, and boredom robbed you of them. These events are for you.

Register ASAP.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Get registered for the next July event!

July 21-23, 2017
Oglebay State Park - Wheeling, WV
Non-Spectator Event

Hot on the heels go the Gettysburg Anniversary is the West Virginia-Style Tactical. This event was so well received last year that we decided to do it again! This time it will be held in West Virginia!

Hosted by Birney's Division (Union) and the ANV (Confederate), this event is open to all members of established organizations (proof of insurance required).

A "West Virginia" style tactical is a judged, unit-based, multi-layered series of problem solving scenarios in addition to engagements with enemy forces. CIVILIANS play a MAJOR part in these scenarios!

To download the registration form and find out more, go to

Monday, June 12, 2017

July Division reenactments

On behalf of General Maffei, thank you to the members of Birney's Division who participated in the Old Bedford Village event this past weekend.

Moving forward, don't forget to register for the events in July:

154th Anniversary of Gettysburg Reenactment - July 1-3, 2017
Gettysburg, PA

The West Virginia-Style Tactical - July 21-23, 2017
Wheeling, WV
Hosted by Birney's Division and the ANV

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Walk-on registration for Old Bedford Village

Did you forget to register for the Civil War reenactment at Old Bedford Village this weekend? The event is accepting walk-on registrations. Grab your kit and let's go!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Call to Arms! The Rebels are marching on Pennsylvania!

Reenactors! Time is getting short to register for one of Pennsylvania's largest Civil War reenactments at Old Bedford Village on June 10-11, 2017. Go to and download the form today! Friday night will feature a non-spectator "Battle for the Bridge". For more information, go to the event Facebook page at

Friday, May 26, 2017

OBV reenactment coming up fast!

Attention Birney's Division members. Get ready for the Civil War Reenactment at Old Bedford Village, June 10-11 in PA! This is one of our largest events of the year and our organization serves as the host. Let's get everyone on the field! Please make sure to register at

Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Birney's Division Membership Cards

To all Birney's Division personnel,
  New Birney's Division Identification/Medical Cards have been created for the 2017 reenactment season and moving forward.  These cards contain member identification information, insurance information and medical information of the member on the back.  These cards are now available on either Battalion Facebook page or on the main Birney's Division website ( under the "Library" tab underneath the Birney's Division logo on the bottom left and should be carried by all Birney's personnel in camp and/or on the field in case of an emergency. Company Commanders are responsible for making sure these are distributed and carried by their company personnel.

Please contact your respective Battalion Commander, Adjutant or Medical Officer if you require any assistance or have any questions


1st Battalion

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Event registration coming up fast!

This is just a reminder to get registered for the events that are just a month or so away!


Century Village Civil War Reenactment - May 27-28, Burton, OH

Old Bedford Village (Battle of Antietam) - June 10-11, Bedford, PA


Ohio Village Civil War Reenactment - June 24-25, Columbus, OH

Monday, April 10, 2017

Birney's Division 2017 event schedule

Now that all of the event votes have been counted and the annual meeting is over, we are please to announce the 2017 schedule of Division and regional events for the Birney's Division organization.

Please find a copy of the schedule at We have also provided links to the registration information as it is currently available.

If you have any questions, please see your Battalion Adjutant or the Chief of Staff.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Register for Annual Meeting

First Call for all companies! Register for the Birney's Division Annual Meeting on March 18th in Perryopolis, PA. Lunch will be provided. For more information go to: