Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Baltzer is Second in Command

GETTYSBURG, PA – November 19th, 2016

During the retirement dinner for Maj. Gen. Allen Baldwin (Commander, Army of the Potomac), Birney’s Division Commander Brig. Gen. Michael Maffei held a brief meeting with the organization’s staff.

During this meeting, Gen. Maffei outlined how much Birney’s Division has continued to grow over the last couple of years. More units have been coming to the organization and this has kept the staff very busy at many levels. Due to this growth and the need for an officer to help oversee detailed daily operations, Gen. Maffei announced that Col. Paul Baltzer is being promoted to Brigadier General and assigned as the second in command of Birney’s Division. Gen. Maffei will continue as the senior General working on the national level with other organizations and events.

Gen. Baltzer was chosen for his outstanding leadership abilities and dedication to the Division. He has served through the ranks up to Captain at the unit level of the 83rd Pennsylvania (Union)/2nd Florida (Confederate). He has previously served as the Brigade Commander overseeing all infantry operations of Birney’s Division and units attached at specific national events. Currently he serves as Birney’s 2nd Battalion Commander with troops in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Gen. Baltzer has also held the role of overall Federal Commander at a number of events around the eastern area of the country.

During 2017, Gen. Baltzer will also continue to command 2nd Battalion as he works through the transition with a new battalion commander before the end of the year.

Paul lives in Albion, PA with his wife Brenda. A veteran of the United States Navy, he is a school teacher by profession and has served in other leadership roles within the Freemasons and the American Legion. Both of his sons Paul and John are Civil War reenactors.

Col. Christopher Smith
Adjutant General. Birney’s Division

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Important 2017 event planning information

Fellow Members of Birney’s Division,

As many of you are aware we have postponed our annual meeting this season.  This was done to allow our company members the opportunity to vote on the events that they would like to attend, rather than staff putting up the list of available events.  As your company commanders submit their lists of what events they will be supporting, staff will keep an accurate tally of all the events submitted, when we have our annual meeting in the early spring (date to be announced), we will reveal which events drew the most support and they will be our schedule for the coming season.  We will maintain a running list of submitted events, that will be available for you to examine.  

I will list at this time all the events that we know are available, then you send us the events you wish to support, or any additional events you would like to have placed on the list.  Staff will add them to our available events list.  I do not believe this has been done before in the hobby and as Birney’s Division is always looking to improve the civil war reenactment experience for their members, we felt this would be an equitable way for all our members to have a say in what events we support. 

Shortly after Remembrance Day, we will be putting up the information for you send us your preferences and events.  

Update on our park at Perryopolis, PA.  I have been working with the Borough Council and the Heritage Society of Perryopolis PA to regain our park.  They have promised to have a contract for us to review in the spring, that will give us some legal right to the park we have put so much work into.  If the contract is acceptable to us, next season we will resume our activities there.  I will not list it at this time as I have not yet seen the contract, however I wanted to mention the possibility of us using the park again next season, as so many of you were concerned about us losing it.

Available Events for 2017 Season  

May: Burton OH, Burton, OH

May: New Market, New Market, VA

June: Old Bedford Village, Bedford, PA

July: Gettysburg PA, Gettysburg, PA

July: Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, WV

July: Funkstown: Funkstown, MD

August: Renfrew Park, Waynesboro, PA

August: Hale Farm: Bath, OH

September: Zoar Village, Zoar, OH

October: Cedar Creek, Middletown, VA

November: Remembrance Day, Gettysburg, PA  

Now you pick and choose, or add an event.  

Old Bedford Village is a Birney’s Division event and this year, we plan to do the 155th anniversary battle of Antietam.  

Gettysburg this year 154th is only a $5.00 registration and if you attend this year, the 155th anniversary event in 2018 you will admitted free.  Keep in mind the 154th Gettysburg event is a 3 day 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July event, that is Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  You must attend all 3 days to get in free at the 155th.

I hope to see you all at Remembrance Day in a few weeks,



Brig, Gen. Michael D. Maffei

Birney’s Division