Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birney's troops at Hale Farm

Hello pards. You may already be tired of hearing me say this, but today is the final day to pre-register for the event at Hale Farm and Village (August 10 and 11). This event, as well as the site, has always been near and dear to my heart as it is one of the most important historical landmarks from the time period of the Civil War in Northeast Ohio.

After attending the event for 18 years, this will be my final Hale Farm reenactment as your Battalion Commander. I would really love to see the ranks filled with members from our organization!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! To register, go to

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hale Farm pre-registration closing July 31st

Pre-registration for the 25th annual Hale Farm and Village Civil War reenactment will be closing on July 31st (this week). This year will be unlike any scenario ever held at Hale. The 1st Day of the Battle of Gettysburg will feature fighting around the farm buildings rather than in the open pasture. This promises to be the biggest year yet as reenactors from all over the region are registering.

The registration cutoff was June 30th but a special extension was granted due to the 150th Gettysburg events in PA. Go to and click on the Civil War graphic for more information on the event and download the registration form.

NEW THIS YEAR! You can also register ONLINE! It's easy and secure.

Hale Farm and Village Annual Civil War Reenactment
August 1-11, 2013
Bath, OH

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Perryopolis registration now open

October 5-6, 2013
Perryopolis, PA

Perryopoils Registration is NOW OPEN!

- Early Registration - $8.00 before September 23, 2013
- Walk On Registration - $10.00
- Children 12 Years of age and younger are FREE, please provide proof of age.

Please visit our website at to download the registration form and LIKE us on Facebook at

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hale Farm registration closing soon

August 10-11 (Bath, OH) Don't forget that registration for Hale Farm closes on July 31st. You can register online at We plan on having over 100 rifles in the Battalion this year and we need your support.

Due to a northern road closure, make sure to download the new driving directions.

Keep an eye out for a "First Call" to companies in the next few weeks!

The 25th anniversary of the Hale Farm & Village Civil War event will be a treasured experience

BATH, OHIO—Hale Farm and Village, a museum of Western Reserve Historical Society, brings the Civil War to life at the annual Civil War Reenactment and Encampment, August 10-11, 2013. The Reenactment at Hale Farm & Village is the largest annual Civil War reenactment in Ohio.

Beginning on August 9, Hale Farm “Civil War Education Day,” in partnership with the 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry presents a sneak peek into the making of a reenactment. Visitors have the unique opportunity to observe Union and Confederate camp set-up, meet soldiers and civilians in period dress, and enjoy all that Hale Farm and Village has to offer.

During Saturday, August 10 and Sunday, August 11, visitors can experience the sights and sounds of The Battle of Gettysburg being reenacted at 2pm both days. Visitors can shake hands with “President Lincoln” who will be at Hale to mark the 150th anniversary of this seminal battle in the nation’s history. Over 500 reenactors will be set up at the encampment, and visitors are invited to walk through the campgrounds and talk with those dressed in period clothing and uniforms.

The Battle of Gettysburg will be reenacted at 2pm both days. Other highlights of the weekend include Camp Chase Fife and Drum corps and shopping on Sutlers Row with vendors of Civil War era merchandise. Cavalry mounted drills, foot soldier drills, and weapons and uniforms of the Civil War will also take place throughout the weekend.

Prior to the 2pm Battle Reenactment on Saturday, August 10, Ohio’s Civil War 150th Advisory Committee will present Hale Farm and Village with a Heritage Award to recognize its efforts commemorating Ohio’s Civil War involvement.

This year, the reenactment will use all locations of the Hale Farm and Village property to recreate the engagements during the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. In years past, visitors have been required to gaze on from afar as the reenacted battle scenario unfolded. Each individual structure at Hale Farm & Village will represent farms, buildings, and locations from Gettysburg during this year’s reenactment.

Chris Smith, an Ohioan and reenactor taking part in the event at Hale Farm and Village, said, “I grew up in a family that loves history. After reading books, eventually you look for a more tactile understanding. Living history allows you to taste, smell, and feel a part of what they must have gone through. Now when I read about the soldiers, I can better grasp their experience in some small fashion. I’ve been that hot. I’ve been that cold. I’ve been that dirty and wet.”

Advance tickets are available for the weekend-long event, with regular admission for one-day visitors and special pricing for those who choose to purchase two-day tickets. For adults, a two-day ticket is $15.00 ($10.00 for one day) and children two-day admission is $7.50 ($5.00 for one day). Each day offers activities for the whole family and the opportunity to experience the life during the American Civil War. Visit: or

“The Civil War Reenactment & Encampment brings the past to life in a memorable way. Reenactment weekend is something that our entire organization contributes to,” said Gainor Davis, President & CEO of WRHS. “This event gives us the opportunity to give the community a learning experience that goes hand in hand with one of our current exhibits, Photography in the Civil War: The WRHS Civil War Collections.”

The weekend of historic reenactment and battle reproduction caps off WRHS’ ongoing efforts in educating the public about the Civil War. The Photography in the Civil War exhibit at the History Center in University Circle features prints of civilian life, military encampments, battles, and the lives of slaves. Regimental papers, diaries, and letters from the time period are also included in the exhibit, all of which are part of the widely acclaimed WRHS Civil War collection.

Hale Farm and Village is located on 90 acres, with 32 historic structures, farm animals, heritage gardens, food preparation, and early American craft and trade demonstrations including glassblowing, blacksmithing, broom making and home crafts. Hale Farm and Village is open Wednesday-Sunday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. For more information on the location, visit or call 330.666.3711. Admission is $10 for adults, $10; $9 for seniors, and $5 for children 3-12. Those under 3 are admitted free of charge. Turn-by-turn directions to Hale Farm and Village are also available online.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Events on the tail of Gettysburg

Boys! The action doesn't stop after the 150th Gettysburg. Just a reminder we have these events coming up starting this weekend.

1st Battalion:
July 13-15, Retreat through Williamsport, Williamsport, MD
July 20-21, 150th Battle of Funkstown (Lee's Retreat), Funkstown, MD

2d Battalion:
August 10-11, First Day at Gettysburg (Hale Farm and Village), Bath, OH

For registration information, go to

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thanks from the Chief of Staff

To all the members of Birney’s Division,

I had tried to shake as many hands and thank everyone after the event for the fine job they had done all week at the 150th celebration, however the good Lord thought it was time to cool us all down and opened the sky on us. This past week’s event was HOT, VERY HOT, but our people endured and came out in force, creating a great impression on the field. No, not all the battles were stellar events, but our troops directed by their commanders fought each one like it was 1863.

It was an honor to command such a fine group of individuals and it is with sincere appreciation and gratitude that I say thank you for supporting Birney’s Division our Major General Ed Kelley and his staff. We are very fortunate to have one of the best organizations in reenacting today. We see several other established reenactor groups continue to decline, while ours continues to grow, only proving our members are special and appreciate the atmosphere we have all developed over the years.

Brig. Gen. Mike Maffei
Chief of Staff, Birney’s Division

Forward men... on to Hale Farm!

Now that Gettysburg is behind us and we are licking our wounds, companies need to start getting ready for our next event at Ohio's Hale Farm and Village on August 9-11.

Due to all of the Gettysburg activities in PA, the deadline for pre-registration shown on the form has been extended to July 31st! Please make sure to get this taken care of. You can even register on-line with a credit card.

Go to for all of the information including a new map on how to get to Hale Farm.

This year, the battle scenarios will be unlike any other experienced at Hale as we recreate the 1st Day at Gettysburg with fighting around the "McPherson Farm" and the outskirts of town. Camps have rotated as we have done before. The Federal troops are back in the Village.

This is a 2d Battalion max-effort event. Get your men up and going!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The 150th Gettysburg: Report from the Seminary

As some of you know, a few units from our organization have been in Gettysburg participating on the official 150th activities including the military camps on the grounds of the Lutheran Seminary. Here is a fantastic report from Capt. Keith MacGregor of the 142nd PA from the last couple of days.

Report for Sunday and Monday at Gettysburg:

Sunday we had church service under the trees in the beautiful Seminary campus. Sunday afternoon battle had the 142nd deployed as skirmishers. The Rebs eventually charged our line and we engaged in hand to hand combat. The crowds were appreciative and large all day through the camps. Band concerts continued throughout the day. Sunday night we ventured to Lee's Hdq, (now a micro brewery), and engaged the Rebs again, this time in toasts to the Republic, and those that have gone before. A fun night of camaraderie, toasts, and talking history with the patrons. We walked back to camp, and waited for 12:01 midnight July 1st the actual anniversary. Recognizing the moment we turned in.

This morning six cannon were placed on the battlefield, and continuously fired for 30 minutes, precisely at 8:00 AM to the time when the great battle began 150 years ago. Before the firing I was asked if I wanted to carry the 1st Corps flag for living historian portraying General Reynolds. I jumped at that chance. Did not have ear plugs (mistake) as I was standing directly behind the firing cannon.

At 9:30 the new Lutheran Seminary Museum had a ribbon cutting ceremony. Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett, and many dignitaries were there. The 142nd fielded the Color Guard for the event. It was quite an honor. The Wildcat Regimental Band of the 105th PVI provided a great band concert, full of period patriotic songs. The Battle Hymn of the Republic never sounded better.

At 3:00 PM we held a brief ceremony in camp around the 142nd flag, a moment of silence for the 200 plus soldiers from the 142nd who were killed, wounded, or captured on this very ground. At 4:30, the Sons of Confederate Veterans Color Guard marched with a (bag) piper with their colors, the length of Seminary Avenue. Marking the moment that the Seminary Ridge would belong to the Confederates. Broke camp at 5:00 PM. An amazing kick-off to the week long 150th commemoration. Tomorrow rest, Wednesday return to Gettysburg. 7 battles in 4 days await with 12,000 reenactors, 130 cannon, and 400 horses.