Tuesday, July 04, 2006

UPDATE: 145th Antietam 2007 event

In an effort to keep you all abreast of the big event for 2007 we post the following report. Please pass this on to your troops.

Planning for the event is well under way and preparations have begun. This will be a three day event on a pristine 300 acre site on the rear of Louden Heights. It is REAL ground located within a couple of miles of the Harpers Ferry National Park. Construction is planned for a realistic sunken road with a stone wall above and timbers to cap that structure. This battle is one of the highlights of several battles planned including Thoroughfare Gap featuring Mounted and dismounted Cavalry and Infantry and Artillery support, The West Woods, with a heavy Artillery emphasis and massive Infantry actions, and a grand Sunken Road scenario. Special set ups for sutlers row that will add to the period effect of the experience. There will be many family activities throughout the weekend and ample time will be allotted to participants to tour nearby battlefields including Harpers Ferry and/or Antietam. A real plus since this event is on the anniversary of that event. A tour of the actual site is an added bonus.

Be reminded that this is a new and refreshing format being a non-spectator event that provides a more laid back experience with a more friendly and non hostile event staf. A no pressure schedule that is reenactor/family friendly. We are not pushed to hold our battles and activities or have our amenities burdened by sharing them with the public. This event is for the reenactors by other reenactors. A non-profit event venture, the full proceeds will be donated to the site for further improvements. This site has been developed over the past several years for use by reenactors for events and training camps, and is set up perfectly with all necessaries in convenient locations unlike other sites that are just plugged in on a farm somewhere. There are period style buildings on site that only enhance the experience. There is wooded and open field camping that will be utilized. This is a beautiful site that has a varied terrain that is perfect for this type of event.

Notice: Keep in mind that there is a 2000 reenactor limit once reached all registrations will be returned. At this early date the registrations have started to roll in so be advised to reserve your spot to avoid being left out of this grand event. All updated information including the registration form can be found on the official website please bookmark this address to keep abreast of updates as the develop.


Edward L. Kelley Sr. , Major General
Federal First Division,2nd Brigade
Birney's Division