Friday, May 18, 2018

Message from the Commanding General - Old Bedford Village

Old Bedford Village: Information

Event June 8-10 2018

Registration through June 1st 2018

Information obtained at our meeting on May 12, 2018 with the organizers of Old Bedford Village. These rules will apply to all union troops.

All Union Artillery will be camped at the lower parking lot, just on the right past the ticket booth as you enter. No artillery will be kept in the village, due to new insurance regulations.

Any one camped outside the village, behind the church or barn may set up anytime they arrive on Friday. All others who camp in the village or use the houses must wait until 5:00 pm or sooner if the village is empty of spectators. This will be determined by the officials at the village. You of course can carry in from the lower lot or across the bridge behind the pond.

All cars must be out of camp by 8:30 am Saturday morning; anyone not removing their vehicle will be subject to being towed at their expense. Best practice is to unload your equipment, go park your vehicle and then set up. Sunday those camped in the village will be held to the usual 4:00 pm time to enter the village for tear down. Due to new insurance and security requirements we cannot do as we have in the past, your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

All troops must report to Union Headquarters after registering for camp assignments and instructions, please do not set up before checking in at Headquarters.

Registration is open until June 1st see Birney’s Division web site for information.

The battle reenactment this year will be the 2nd battle of Winchester VA that occurred on June 14, 1863 as Robert E. Lee and Confederate troops were making their way north toward Gettysburg, PA.

We look forward to seeing our troops and many friends at this annual preservation fund raising event for Old Bedford Village.


Gen. Michael Maffei
Birney’s Division

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